Probably the most frequently asked questions I get. How do I find the motivation? And how do I stay disciplined? There is a very short answer. It really comes down to one simple thing. How bad do you want it.

My longer answer is in the 3 steps below.

Step 1: Your mind

Set your mind to it. It is not just about wanting something. It is about wanting it so bad that no excuses could possibly matter. It is not just about something nice to have. It is about taking an aware decision to change your lifestyle.

The Nutrition Decision

Do your research. What foods are good for your health? What should be your Carbs:Protein:Fats daily intake? What foods are rich on carbohydrates, protein, fats? What foods are rich on vital minerals? As promised, I will review this topic more in depth very soon. Stay tuned! In the meanwhile, you can check out my post That Flat Belly. It might give you some inspiration on where to get started.

The Workout Decision

Think about a workout routine. What sports do you like? Or what would you like to learn how to do? Maybe you always wanted to improve your swimming skills, or become a better runner? Have a look at my post on Running for Complete Beginners. This is how I started. And trust me, I couldn’t run a mile if I had to. I didn’t know how to. Well, catch me if you can now. It is very important to have fun whatever it is you choose. If you’re not having the time of your life, give it more time. Nobody was born skilled, we learn. You’re not too old. And you’re not too lazy. And you’re not too heavy. And you’re not too clumsy. You have no excuses. If you really want it.

Step 2: Your spirit

Stay aware. Stay focused. Stay aware in every single moment. Make aware decisions about what you eat, what you do, what you say. Become the person who can achieve the goals you have set. Do it for yourself. Don’t think about the others. Focus on your health. Focus on the good that is coming out of your new lifestyle. Believe in yourself. Don’t compare yourself to anybody. The only person you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday. Changing your lifestyle happens one day at a time. Manage your expectations too. Yes, there are good and bad moments. Weaker and stronger ones. Stay aware though. In the bad or weak moments, be your own light in the darkness. Figuratively speaking, grab your own hand and tell yourself: “Hold on a moment. Perceive the current situation. Breathe. Think about your future. You can do this.”

The Nutrition Discipline

Stay aware about what you are eating. When you are doing your groceries, read the ingredients list. Take aware decisions about the products you buy. Consider how the food you are planning on buying was produced. Consider the production process, what materials or chemicals might have been used. We are not only responsible for our food intake. We are also responsible for the environment. Just something you might want to think about.

The Workout Discipline

Keep working out. Just keep doing it. Day after day. One workout at a time. Just keep going. If you have made up your mind already, just keep working on it. Even if your body is tired, your spirit is stronger. Use this strength and master it. Push yourself, but listen to your body. Do it with love for yourself. Take baby steps if you need to. Don’t rush your body into physical exhaustion. Start small, increase slowly. Be patient. The most important part is staying consistent. The only workout which doesn’t bring you a step closer to a better life is the one you missed.

Step 3: Your body

Please, please, please love your body the way it is. Listen to it. Let it guide you through the process of whatever changes you want to make in your lifestyle. Push your limits, but do it in a loving manner. Don’t obsess about looks, or numbers on a scale. Just focus on living in a healthier way. Your body will thank you later.