Disclaimer: This is what works for me. It is based on my own research, experience and practice. I do not know your body needs or what you can handle. Consult your doctor, priest, shaman or whoever else you need to before taking my advice. This is what works well for my body. Eat. Think. Work out. Above all, believe in yourself.


I am writing this post rather reluctantly. I don’t like the concept of losing weight. How about “Let’s eat healthier, and our bodies will look accordingly”. I am being asked on a daily basis about tips on losing weight. Guys, here’s my opinion. Diets are nonsense. I’m a healthy lifestyle supporter. This includes nutrition and exercise. Well, alright then. That being said… If you want to lose weight, you got to eat. You should do it right though. Here are my Top 3 Eating Tips that work for my body. Check out That Flat Belly too.

#1 Fruits. Yes, but…

While getting all those vitamins and minerals from fruits, they carry sugar too. When trying to lose weight, don’t snack on fruits. That increases the insulin level, which is blocking the fat burning process in your body. When working on losing weight, I would eat fruits with my lunch meal, and not dinner. This way, the fat-burning process during the night is not affected. That’s also what many diets are refering to as the lose-weight-in-your-sleep miracle. There is nothing miraculous about it. It is just simple chemistry.

#2 So how to snack?

Easy. You don’t. Stick to your main meals. If you are really starving though, don’t torture yourself. Grab something that doesn’t influence your blood sugar levels as much. Boiled eggs, vegetables, low-fat cheese could be a good option.

#3 Protein. Oh yes!

Your new best friend. Not only does it speed up the fat burning process, it gets you full. It gives you energy. It helps not lose weight from your precious muscles too. Let’s not forget this. When you are losing weight, you want to burn fat. You don’t want to burn muscle mass.


Stay aware of your food choices. Where you are lacking the knowledge, do your research. Here is what I would recommend doing.

#1 Get to know your food

Learn about what is inside the food you are consuming. Read about the nutritional values of the food you are eating. You should focus on food that carries good nutrients for your body, not just empty calories and high sugar levels. You don’t even need to buy expensive books on that topic. You can just Google that stuff. It would give you a good base on your nutrition knowledge. There are also good inexpensive magazines on nutrition you could add to your reading list. Watch out with all those industrial products. Read the labels on your groceries too. You should stay away from products that contain super-weird-hard-to-pronounce ingredients, or some E-numbers.  They aren’t doing your body any good.

#2 Get to know your drink

Okay. This one is quite obvious, but I’m going to mention it anyway. Alcohol is a big fat NO! That isn’t just important when trying to lose weight. It’s just a favor you might want to do your body, for a healthier life and for your well-being. You should also think about your other drinks. Soft drinks / soda should be avoided. I don’t drink any to be honest. Fruit juices should be avoided too. Especially juice concentrates. Freshly squeezed juice is a better option. You shouldn’t rob your body off the fibres you’d be giving it if you were to eat the fruit itself though. My drinks of choice are water, tea and black coffee.

#3 Eat a variety of foods

You should make sure you are eating well. This includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, dairy products, meat, fish. If your body is getting all the right nutrition it needs, it will give you results. It is that simple. Sugar and white-wheat products are not great for the well-being in the long-term anyway. Healthy food is key, and in the right quantities.

Work out!

It is not only about eating well. It is also about working out. Cardio is a great way to burn fat. My running tips could be your stepping stone if you are a complete beginner to the fitness life. However, I strongly believe that strength training is the best and most fun way to burn fat and build muscle. Eat clean and lift heavy!

Whatever work out plan you go for, stick to it. Once you get started, you just need to keep going. Keep in mind that the healthy weight loss should be in the 0.5kg-1kg / 1-2lbs per week range. Remember one thing though. If you are changing anything to your eating habits, do it for your health. Don’t do it for the scale. Think about how you feel. It is not a diet, nor a phase. It is a lifestyle. Do it for your well-being, and your body will thank you.

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