Disclaimer: This is what works for me. It is based on my own research, experience and practice. I do not know your body needs or what you can handle. Consult your doctor, priest, shaman or whoever else you need to before taking my advice. This is what works well for my body. Eat. Think. Work out. Above all, believe in yourself.

Your mindset

This is where everything starts. If you want to change something about your food consumption, or your fitness level, you should do it with self-love. If you start your journey, because you “don’t like how your body looks” or “hate your body” you are going in it in a bad, terrible, no good way. Your motivation drivers should be positive. It should not be a punishment. It should be a positive change. Focus on positive thoughts.

My main drivers can be narrowed down to the two, amongst many. I want to have a healthy body. Also I want to see what my body is capable of doing. Establish that love relationship with you, accept yourself the way that you are and watch your mirror reflection change. Love yourself for all that you are. For all that you have been. For all you are yet to be. Now let’s get down to business.

#1 Sugar

Lay off sugar. When you consume sugar, your insulin level raises. High insulin in the blood blocks the fat burning process. It also gives you this sugar-high insulin level, which makes you crave more sugar. This is how you get caught in a vicious cycle.

#2 Undercover sugars

Lay off glucose, fructose, syrup and all their variations. They are in fact sugars. Also when you see a label “light”, “diet” or “less sugar” you might want to read the ingredients list. It is very likely that stuff is loaded with fructose.

#3 Stuff loaded with sugar

Yes, I am making a point here. Bear with me. Jellybeans, fruit buttermilk, milk chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate muesli, coke, apple juice, fruit yoghurt, ketchup, vinegar and ready salad dressings are all sugar bombs. I would replace all of that with nuts, pure buttermilk, dark chocolate (at breakfast), oats, fruit tea, natural yoghurt, fresh tomatoes and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

#4 Protein

It is a fat-burner, muscle-builder, and speeds up the metabolism. If you are consuming enough protein while being on a fat burning journey, the chances of the Yo-Yo effect are close to none. Studies show that the daily protein intake should be 0.8 per kg or 0.36 per lbs. Well again, I do not know your body needs. See my disclaimer above.

#5 Water

This is very important! Protein is not easy on your kidneys. You should make sure you are drinking enough water.

#6 Blood sugar level

Protein-rich diet keeps your blood sugar level stable. This speeds up your metabolism and fat-burning process. It also minimizes the hunger attacks.

#7 The right mix

I am not a vegetarian, nor vegan. I recommend a good mix of animal and plant protein sources.

#8 Carbohydrates

If you want to maximize the fat burning process in your body, you should reduce your carbohydrate intake. Your body needs carbohydrates though. I recommend consuming your highest level of daily carbs in the morning, less with your lunch meal and none at dinner. Keep in mind that sugar is a carbohydrate. So is fructose, i.e. eating fruits in the evening would interrupt the fat burning process during the night.

#9 Supplements

If you are consuming enough protein with your food you do not need protein shakes, powder etc. I am not taking anything like that. I am getting enough protein from the food I eat. It is up to you to decide what the best for your body is though. Sometimes the powder supplements or those dissolving in water are artificially flavored, or contain sweeteners. Those are not good if you want to keep your blood sugar level stable, to maximize the fat burning process.

The only supplements I am taking are Magnesium and Zinc. I take them in tablet form. Also I work out every day for 1.5-2hours. That’s why I do it. Magnesium for the muscles, and Zinc for the cell communication and muscles too.

#10 Awareness

Stay aware in the current moment. Maybe you can replace your snack cravings with a fruit tea. Take the stairs. If you have an office job, stand up as often as you can. Stay aware of your body. Stay aware of your goals. Keep your focus on that positive change.

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Again, this is what works for me. If you want to get in touch, you can always folow / dm me on Instagram.