Okay. Let’s assume you want to transform your body into its best version. Also, let’s assume you went for a lean and muscular look. There are a few things nobody warned you about. Let’s talk about my favorite 5.

1. Your body. A conversation topic.

You better prepare yourself for this. People will be talking about your body. There will be positive talks, and there will be negative talks. Either way, your body will be a topic of conversation. Whether you are fine with it or not, it is happening. You might as well embrace it. Also, get ready for more body contact. All of a sudden people will start touching you more. That casual tap on the shoulder is now turning into “my belly hurts here” (places hand upon your abdomen).

Sheesh! Stalking on Insta is okay (I think). Touching people without their permission is not. Looking at you. Yes, you.

2. You. The health guru.

Your friend is not in their best shape a few years out of college? You obviously know how to help them get back at it. Your grandma has insomnia? You totally have the solution. For some reason, you are now a health guru who knows how to make anybody lose weight, find motivation, build muscle and basically cure everything. In a week tops. Good luck.

3. Ladies, kiss them goodbye.

Ever wondered why there are numerous female fitness models getting breast implants? Well, now you know. When you’re on a fat burning journey, you are basically signing up for it.

4. Clothes out. Wallets out.

You will probably have to replace your whole wardrobe attire. And I mean all of it! Included, but not limited to winter jackets, pants, shirts, underwear, swimwear, and sportswear. You might even drop a shoe size! This is all going to be expensive. On a positive note, you might get to make a friend / family member / stranger happy donating your clothes.

5. Shaving your armpits.

Comedy Pause. Ha! Ha! You know how hard it is anyway to shave your armpits. I mean, come on they are pretty curvy. Well, just wait until your muscles grow and turn the whole place into even deeper pits and curves. Even if you are not a fan of shaving, you might like to keep your options open for the times you need a quick fix. Well, that quick fix has now turned into an elaborate time-consuming stretch and twist exercise.

On a more serious note, body transformation is a wonderful mind and spirit journey. There’s much more to fitness than what is on the outside. Enjoy the ride and be happy. You will get to know yourself better than ever. Do it for you. It is not about what people think or say about you. It is just about you, brought to you, by you! Do it for your well-being. Your body will thank you later.