Being disciplined does not happen overnight. It can be taught though. One day at a time. I just broke an 18 month cycle of daily workouts. As in: I have been working out every single day for 18 months, that is 550 workouts in a row. Then I had a two week break. Okay, I was going for the occasional light jog/run during that break. I also hit the pull up bars a couple of times, but that was just me loving what I do and having fun with it.

Sticking to my routine over the past 18 months had its good and not-that-great moments. There were obstacles. I was struggling at times, just like most of you have or are struggling right now. I never gave up though, not even once. This article is just a little motivation for you.

We all have our own story and pains. Sometimes life hits hard. 18 months is a long time. Looking back at everything that happened during that time, life was just being life. I lost friends, there was heartbreak, and dear people to me are not with us anymore. I have also made new friendships and revived old ones. I was happy in love. I got to spend time with my loved ones. I learned to appreciate life better, in its simple ways. What both the sad and the happy events had in common for me was sports. If I was happy, I’d celebrate what my body is capable of during my trainings. If my heart was being torn apart, I’d take out all the anger, hurt, pain, disappointment, and helplessness out on my training. I’d destroy a gym workout, or I’d go for a long run. I’m not sharing this to get your attention, or tap on the shoulder. I can take care of myself. I just want to remind you that no one has a perfect life. It will hit hard when you are at your best, and it will hit hard when you are at your worst. You can overcome it all through strength though. One day at a time. Taking one small step each day is better than taking no steps at all. Keep pushing, and these small steps will grow bigger with time.

Keep strong. Be happy. Appreciate what you have right now. It really is that simple. Remember what you want and keep working for it.

Take away that split second of hesitation. You are stronger than you might think you are.